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Start your own business by exploring what your strengths are and how you can provide a needed service to others,” Rusin says. “There are inexpensive ways to get started and you’ll have created a much more sustainable and ethical avenue of income.” There’s no easy way to describe what a multi-level-marketing business (MLM) is. People within MLMs may call it direct selling or network marketing. Typically an MLM will be a large organisation made up of hundreds of individuals selling merchandise and services such as beauty products, candles, cleaning products and books from home. An MLM can easily be identified by three things: You’ll have to buy a starter kit to join the MLM and become a seller. The kit will include some of the products you’ll sell, catalogues you can use to show products to potential customers and might include the cost of a personalised website. You’ll make money by getting other people to sign up to become sellers and purchase a starter kit. These are known as your ‘downline’ recruits. You’ll also earn a commission from sales. You usually also earn some money if your ‘downline’ recruits perform well. specimen book.
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